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Davao Hotels

Compared to those in Cebu and Boracay, Davao hotels are reasonably priced because it isn't as popular. However, there are many excellent hotels in Davao to choose from. You have the Peal Farm beach resort, the Marco Polo, the Royal Mandaya, and the Water Insular to start with. Depending on your flavor, any of these Davao Hotels might be a perfect fit. Davao Hotels range in price range from budget to five star, and in quality from low to classy.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort used to be an actual pearl farm where thousands were cultivated for their pearls. Today it is a beach resort surrounded by coconut palm trees and a white sand beach. The hotel staff is very friendly and the grounds are private and relaxing. This is one of the top Davao hotels.

The Marco Polo Hotel Davao is a four star hotel with nightly rates starting at $95 USD. It is known for its top notch hospitality and it is the tallest hotel in Mindanao. The Marco Polo is only 20 minutes away from the Davao International Airport. It has 18 floors. This is the tallest of the Davao hotels.

The Royal Mandaya Hotel is another four star hotel with rates starting a little bit lower, at $50 USD. This hotel has 120 guest rooms and they all have a very homely feel that are busting with cultural elements.

The Crown Regency Residences in Davao have the lowest starting rate for rooms at $45 USD. This place is surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. The landscaping here is a true highlight that make you feel at one with nature. It is a one of a kind garden that will leave you breathless. This is the cheapest of the Hotels in Davao on this list. Different from hotels in Manila, most of these are beach type of resorts.

The actual city of Davao is only one and a half hours away from Manila by plane. It is in the south of the Philippines, which invokes images of guns and violence. However, a lot of this imagery can be credited to bad publicity. Though travelers may expect to find terrorists all over the place, they are often surprised to meet many friendly and helpful citizens.

Davao has no typhoons. The weather is very fair, and consistent with rainfall and temperature all year round. typhoon-free. The city enjoys fair weather, even rainfall, temperature, and humidity all year round. The average temperature is 32 degrees celsius.

Philippine Airlines flies twice daily to Davao. Bouraq Indonesia Airlines flies to Davao twice per week, and from Hongkong to Davao also twice per week. When looking for Davao hotels, make sure to find one that meets your budget.

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