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3 ways to find Cheap Manila Flights

If you're looking for cheap Manila flights, you have several options. In my experience, the best resources are Expedia, Cathay Pacific direct, and Orbitz. Expect to pay about $800 on average for a flight from San Francisco or Los Angeles. Cheap Manila flights from the east coast or Europe may or may not cost more. Also keep in mind that cheap flights to Manila vary depending on the season. November and December are the coolest months and the peak season in terms of flight prices. The cheap Manila flights should be found in summer, which is April through July, when the weather is hottest and wettest.

When planning your trip to the Philippines, make sure to start looking early. Last minute deals are harder to come by than domestic flights in the US. With usually only one flight leaving per day to the Philippines, people usually fill up slots quickly and early. Cheap flights to Manila often don't last long.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the prices you see online often do not include taxes and fees. On a $700 flight USD, these fees and taxes can sum up to about $300.

When you get to Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (airport code MNL), you will first need to go through customs. Usually there are more than ten lines open, so it shouldn't take too long. You will need your passport out. Then you will claim your baggage. You can be patient here. Thank goodness you found a cheap flight to Manila. Next, you will walk outside and feel the heat. There will likely be many locals awaiting their relatives, so just go around them and make your way to the taxi line. You shouldn't pay more than 500PHP to get to Makati, the city center. Just make sure the driver leaves the meter running. You can tip a little bit when you get there. Ninoy Aquino is the main international airport in the Philippines and about seven kilometers away from the city of Manila. Hopefully your cheap manila flight was comfortable because you are almost there. Also, you should have gotten some flight on your cheap flight to Manila because it is usually a redeye flight if you take Philippine Airlines from San Francisco.

Once you get to the city, you will notice that it is busy with lots of traffic. Manila is the Philippines' busiest city. The driver should be able to get you to your hotels in Manila if you are staying in a major one. Even if not, the address will definitely help. Next you will need to check in to your hotel and get acquainted with your surroundings. We will post about this in a future article. For now, congratulations on making it to one of the most beautiful cities in the world! You made it to town on your cheap Manila flights. Now that your cheap Manila flight is out of the way, we can focus on enjoying your stay.

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